PCB Repair

Why choose Benha Electronics for your printed circuit board (PCB) repair? We've got more expertise, better equipment and more scalability than the next repair provider. Our Diagnosys PinPoint Systems are the latest universal in-circuit test equipment available. When coupled with proprietary serial PCB testing techniques and surface-mount handling equipment, Benha Electronics can repair even the most advanced microprocessor or digital signal processor circuits. Our highly trained technicians are certified in ESD and IPC repair and rework standards, and routinely detect stressed components that others miss. Plus, after the repair is completed, your printed circuit board is functionality tested to ensure performance.

Many customers ask us to improve failure-prone products through the use of newer, more reliable printed circuit board parts or full printed circuit board redesign services. But did you know that Benha Electronics can design printed circuit boards and manufacture replacement PCBs for obsolete electronics? Thatís right. We deal with End of Life (EOL) issues on a daily basis. Nobody offers a wider range of cost-saving services for printed circuit boards than Benha Electronics

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