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Electrical Characteristics
250 WPanel Minimum Class peak power [Pmpp]
30.7 VRated voltage [Vmpp]
8.15 ARated current [Impp]
37 VOpen circuit voltage [Voc]
9 AShort circuit current [Isc]
1000 VMax. System Voltage
Class A IEC 61730Applic. Class
Safety Class II IEC 61140Safety Class
3Factory Installed Bypass Diode (Qty)
15 ASeries Fuse Rating [I]
40° to + 85°Temp range
* Performed under standard test conditions (STC) 1000 W/m², 25°C ± 2°C, AM 1,5
* All data can differ as a result of technical changes
Thermal Characteristics
Temp Coefficient Voc :         -0.34%/°C
Temp Coefficient Isc:             0.05%/°C
Temp Coefficient Pmpp:        -0.43%/°C
Mechanical Characteristics
Material   type
60 Polycrystalline 156x156 3BBCells
3,2 mm Tempered Front Glass
Eva Encapsulant
back sheet whiteBacksheet
3 Bybass diodesJunction Box
1000 mm , / MC connectorsCables
Silver color anodized aluminum 35,3x25,4 mmFrame
18 Kg Weight
25 per Pallet (1720x980x1050)Packing

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